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Turkish towel also knowns as peshtemal is part of the Turkish cultural heritage. It is an important tradition from the Ottoman Empire to the modern-day. Turkish towel which has been used in Turkish baths, hammams, for centuries has very wide usage area today thanks to diverse weaving techniques.
We have combined the crafting way for generations, with our modern design.

We established our brand in 2015 to bring our products to people all around the world. We offer you quality, uniqness and comfort. 
Peshtemal Concept are leading atelier in the field of turkish towel manufacturing.We are located in Denizli, Aegean region of Turkey and we produce Turkish Towels,Peshtemals,Hand Towel(Peskirs) ,Throws and Robes with our  four weaving mechines.

All our yarns are made of Turkish cotton.Our products are in high demand international market such as Usa,UK,South Africa,Brazil and Euro zone. Our aim is to present Turkish towels all around the world with different kinds of collaborations.

As peshtemal concept, we are manufacturer and produce Turkish towel with our own weaving machines. We are selling our products wholesale and we are willing to sustain and grow our business with our partnerships. 
We are sending our products to different countries all around the world. United States of America, Canada, Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Singapur etc. 
Peshtemal Concept is a company that open to innovations without forgetting the importance of the classic. We never compromise on guality. We use original yarn made of % 100 Turkish cotton. We also use pantone color chart, so you can easily order the same color and the same tone over and over again. 
Turkish towels become softer when they are washed. For that reason we send all our products washed to our customer. 
We also care about personalization and customizing for our customers. We offer, labelling options, embroidery, paper or fabric tag, packaging and ornament with evil eye stones.


Why Peshtemal Concept?

Among the variety of manufacturers, we as Peshtemal Concept offer premium quality, %100 cotton towels. We cautiously try to implement positive changes in our organization. 
Our products are certified by The Standards 100 Oeko-tex. This certificate is given to products that fulfill specific terms and conditions. It is one of the world’s best known label for textiles testing for harmful substances.  It stands for customer’s confidence and high product safety. 
Peshtemal Concept is a manufacturer and wholesaler that values customer satisfaction. We collect our customer’s feedback and turn into action. We also improve our products and services based on the customer’s feedback. 
Additionally, we care about effective communication with our customers. You can contact us with various channels. We offer phone, e-mail, social media and live chat support to our customers.


Why do you prefer Turkish towel?

Turkish towels’ authenticity and uniqueness highlights your style. It is also known for its long-lasting usage thanks to its % 100 cotton yarns and professional weaving standards. 
Turkish towels are light and quick-dry. These features give you comport. You can pack and carry easily. 
For your promotional intentions, we are able to customize and personalize your Turkish towel. We offer branding, labelling and printing your brand’s name or logo with embroidery. In this way, it is a good idea to use Turkish towel as a corporate gift.


Different ways to use peshtemal

Although Turkish towel was used in Turkish baths in the past, today it has many different uses. Here are some top ways to use;

- It is a really good idea to take your Turkish towel to the beach. It is thin, light, very absorbent and quick-dry. You will regret using old fashioned heavy towels on the beach in the past. 
- You can use your Turkish towel at your home as a bath towel, hand towel, tea towel in the kitchen, blanket or table cloth. You can also get your sofa cozy with your Turkish towel. When you    get cold, you can take your towel on your lap or shoulder. 
- You can take your Turkish towel wherever you go. Use as a picnic rug or shawl in the chilly summer nights. 
- Less is more! So take your Turkish towel to the gym or spa. Do not carry heavy old style towels. 
- It is a great idea to give Turkish towel as a gift to your loved ones, your colleagues, friends and clients



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